Southern Baptist Evangelists

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SBC Evangelist Membership

Please carefully read the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists By-Laws, Policies, & Requirements before filling out the Membership Application.

Membership shall be available to all Southern Baptist Evangelists who complete the following steps:

1. Notify, in writing, the Secretary/Treasurer or designated officer of desire to join this organization.

2. Complete the Membership Application Form, Part One and Part Two, designating category of membership from the following:

  • Vocational Evangelist: Available on a full-time basis for focused ministry to various churches and other areas of evangelism activity, internation and domestic. The evangelist is responsible to determine to what extent he can be involved in any other areas of ministry and still maintain his focus, agenda, and title of “Full-Time Vocational Evangelist.”
  • Bi-Vocational Evangelist: A working interest and involvement in the “Work of An Evangelist,” while also doing other tasks, both religious and secular, and being paid for same and having responsibilities that would prohibit full-time effort toward the work of evangelism. The Bi-Vocational member shall have no voting rights. Election as a Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists officer is forfeited but a Presidential appointment in any other capacity is allowed. Membership fees shall be $25.00 less than the Vocational Evangelist rate.
  • Evangelist Emeritus: A present or former member of Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists that has served Southern Baptists faithfully for many years and wishes to have fellowship with Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists and privileges when they reach the point of withdrawing from the role of active Vocational Evangelist. The Evangelist Emeritus member shall have full voting rights, but election as an officer is forfeited. A Presidential appointment in any other capacity is allowed. Annual membership fees are waived for anyone given the status of Evangelist Emeritus. Each application would be evaluated by the officers individually, but several factors would be considered:
    • Years of service as an evangelist
    • Age
    • Years of membership in Conference of Southern
    • Baptist Evangelists
    • References
  • Honorary Member: Because of his commitment and support of the Work of The Evangelist and the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists organization, officers shall confer on behalf of the membership the status of Honorary Member. No membership fees or voting privileges are associated with this membership.

3. Pay Membership Dues and maintain on-time payment future annual dues.

4. Are approved by membership at the annual business meeting or by the Executive Committee.


All itinerant evangelists who are engaged in a legitimate evangelistic ministry which exists for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, salvation of the lost, and revival of the church shall be eligible for endorsement. Endorsement certifies that an evangelist is a recognized representative of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists.

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