Sunday, August 2nd, 2015
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Thank you for visiting the Southern Baptist Evangelists website! You will discover a wide variety of evangelists and evangelism ministries represented here. As you read through and pray through which of these evangelists could best serve your church, keep in mind both the needs of your church and the needs of your community.  If you have any questions, or need assistance selecting an evangelist who would best suit your needs, feel free to contact the COSBE office at

Richard Hamlet
2014-2015 President
Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists (COSBE)

The Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists is happy to present you with a website where you can find information about those who have followed the call of God into the harvest fields of evangelism and revival. The evangelists on this website are available for crusades, revivals, evangelistic training, conferences and international ministry projects. Listed is a legend indicating a wide variety of ministries in which these are engaged. You will find these designations on the evangelist's own page within this site. The list below will give you an indication of the numerous ministry skills represented by the membership of COSBE. By selecting one of the ministry designations, you will be able to see every evangelist who has registered that skillset in their ministry profile. 

Chalk Art Evangelism ART   Collegiate Student Ministry CSM   Mission Work Evangelism MWE
Biblical Health Evangelism BHE   Drama Evangelism D   Outreach Evangelism OE
Conference Evangelism C   Preaching / Harvester E   Prison Evangelism P
Concert Artist Evangelism CA   Preaching / Revivalist ER   Street Evangelism SE
Crusade Director CD   Illusionist Evangelism IL   Stewardship / Financial Seminars SFS
Children's Evangelism CE   Inspirational Speaker IS   Sports Evangelism SPE
Clowning Evangelism CL   Marriage Conference Evangelism MCE   Ventriloquism Evangelism V
Comedy Evangelism COM   Music Evangelism ME   Women's Ministry Evangelism WM
Counseling Seminar Evangelism CS   Men's Ministry Evangelism MM   Youth Evangelism YE


Phone: 770.709.4657  OR  615-56COSBE


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